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Onlain dari kost

Posted on: November 15, 2008

yeah akhirnya meme isa onlain gak usah kemana-mana, tinggal nyolokin kabel telpun jadi deh … heheheheheheh, gutbai spider, abe, puskom *ihateit*, lab *thingIhatemost-hopefuly someday you can use your eyes to see the world, not just to cry* …. hehehehheheh


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Sekedar Pikiran

one of my friends used to say "there is an evil side in everyone's life", but for me, i think, i had more than one, i had some evil side inside me. The evil that doing this, one evil that doing those, one more that was here, and some more was there ...
sometimes i get confuse with what I've did, confuse whether it was right or wrong, whether it was necessary or not, or things like that ...
I'm still a little child, hasn't growing up but getting younger ...



 blogger solo solo gitu what ...!!!


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